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Lincoln County Community Rights (LCCR) is a registered non-profit organization of concerned residents who have filed a citizens initiative to ban aerial spraying of pesticides in Lincoln county.
The dangers of aerial pesticide spraying to the health of people, wildlife, and ecosystems have been well-documented in independent studies*. Even though this harmful practice has been banned on federal forests for over 30 years, aerial spraying has increased massively over state and private forests in Oregon. 90% of Lincoln County is covered by forests, most of which are managed as private industrial forests.

The initiative brought to you by Citizens for a Healthy County, entitled “Freedom of Lincoln County from Aerially Sprayed Pesticides”, which is on the May 2017 ballot, will let the people of Lincoln County decide whether to allow this dangerous practice to continue where they live. The initiative would:

1. Ban aerial spraying of pesticides and herbicides.

2. Protect our families and properties from pesticide drift.

3. Establish a local bill of rights to enable people to make important decisions about what happens in their community.

4. Protect and enforce our rights to safety guaranteed to us under the Oregon State Constitution Article 1.

5. The ordinance would not affect other home use of pesticide applications.

Here is a link to a website that is the political force to ban aerial pesticide spraying in Lincoln County. www.yeson21-177.org

If you would like to watch a short video here is a link. video about coastal watersheds in Oregon

There are many news stories about the issue here in Oregon. Here is a good link to a News Story about herbicide exposure.


Call Maria at 541-961-6385. Email: mkrausster@gmail.com or 

Call Rio 541-961-5606. Email: riodavidson@gmail.com



Please Donate! Our success will depend heavily on our ability to reach as many Lincoln County voters as possible. Please
spread the word.  We are therefore asking for your donation to help us reach our goal. We need to tell everyone to VOTE YES ON MEASURE 21-177!

Volunteer to help out on the campaign. We need a lot of people power to have our voice heard this next election.
Attend LCCR meetings and workshops. Meetings are normally held Thursday evenings in the rear conference room of the Newport Umpqua Bank, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Contact us prior to coming to be informed of occasional changes in location and time.

Support/endorse The Freedom from Aerially Sprayed Pesticides Ordinance of Lincoln County.

▪ Join our e-mail list for updates on our work and related information.


  • For information on Community Rights, go to: www.celdf.org and watch Youtube videos of inspiring talks by Attorney Thomas Linzey, co-founder of the Community Rights movement.


*The sources for these facts are listed in our special reference handout.

More About LCCR

We are a group of concerned citizens that feel the regulatory system used to approve or reject projects has been set up to suit the needs of corporations, and to keep communities from being Green, Sustainable, and Resilient in the face of global weather changes.

We want to make Lincoln County a leader in a new, sustainable economy, based on our chosen long-term goals for our county, not on a corporate agenda focused on short-term profit at whatever cost. We are part of a state-wide network of groups that work to protect the right of communities to decide how they want to develop. Community Rights Lincoln County and the state-wide network are backed by CELDF, a non-profit organization that assists communities nation-wide in their efforts to achieve legal implementation of their decisions at the community, city, or county level.

Local Governments are subject to preemption of the will of the people by State Governments, which in turn are subject to preemption of their decisions by the Federal government. The Federal Government has laws that promote and protect commerce, making it extremely difficult for communities to have a say about what corporate resource extraction, export, infrastructure, industrial, and agricultural projects they want or don’t want to welcome in their surroundings. Industry lobbyists, funded by corporate interests, work to dilute environmental and other protective regulations in order to ensure that commercial and industrial interests are protected over the most basic rights of the people. These laws and rules have been in effect for a long time, and are at least partially embedded in our constitution. Successive rulings issued by the Supreme Court over time have given more and more power to corporations, and the latest of these, known as “Citizens United” has given corporations, who gained the status of persons more than a century ago, the right to spend limitless amounts of money on political campaigns, equating that right to freedom of speech, guaranteed by the constitution.

Oregon is a Home Rule state. This means that we legally have the right to make decisions at the local level. We believe that it is we the people who must right the wrongs that have been incorporated into our laws over time, including some that were embedded into the government created by our founding fathers, who believed that the purpose of government was to protect the opulent few against the power of the dispossessed majority. We cannot remain silent. We cannot acquiesce to having our basic rights suppressed by the bloated power of corporations that has spread over our democracy like a cancerous growth. We must raise our voices in our own communities, in the context of the outrages that corporate power commits in each.

Today we must raise our voices. We have to develop a set of criteria by which we can judge what projects are good for the long-term economic health of our community and what projects we must vehemently reject. Such criteria must consider many aspects that are central to our well-being and to that of our environment, aspects that go way beyond monetary considerations.

Coos Bay is an example of a community that did not develop those criteria and acquiesced to becoming a raw log export port. The coastline around its once beautiful bay has become industrialized and barren of vegetation. The tourist trade that once flourished on its bay front has withered and given way to stockpiles of logs and warehouses.

Let us get to work now to prevent Newport from going the route of Coos Bay.

If you wish to Donate to our group please contact us. We are always in need of Support both financial and volunteer.

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