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March 2018 – LCCR’s Economist Friend Applies for Governor Appointment to Oregon’s Board of Forestry

Write Governor Brown’s office with your support for this appointment no later than mid April, 2018!
Governor’s Natural Resources Policy Manager, Jason Miner:





April 2018 Happenings!

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April 11  FERNS Online Class, Lincoln City

Wednesday, April 11 LCCR hosts a second FERNS class for the public at the Oregon Community College North Campus, Room 211.  No charge for this class.

Join Oregon Wild’s JASON GONZALEZ who will be your instructor to assist you to sign on for subscription to the ODF’s online notification  system for planned operations in the Forests of Oregon.

Find out about: logging, slash burns, chemical applications.  Find out who’s doing the work, who the landowner is, see the map of location and streams/rivers or wetlands in the area, or critical nesting or other wildlife protections.  Discover how to Search in the FERNS tool for planned operations.  See all interested people in LINCOLN CITY for this class!



April 26, 2018  – Monthly “Community Rights Action” meeting or CRA

Newport Visual Arts Center, Nye Beach turnaround – upstairs meeting room

Thursday, April 26, 2018   6:30-8:30pm

“COMMUNITY RIGHTS: What are they, Where did they GO?”    Listen to presentation by CELDF founder Thomas Linzey, followed by LCCR presenters Barbara Davis and Maria Sause, Q & A.    Learn more about what Community Rights means – where it comes from legally, how it’s been used before and how it’s showing up all over the country now!

Refreshments provided.  SEE YOU THERE!


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