Social Justice Slam

Social Justice Slam

Where Your Voices Become One Voice

A Fundraising Event for Lincoln County Community Rights

September 15th, Sunday

3PM – 5PM

Newport Performing Arts Center

What is a Poetry Slam?

Slam poetry is a form of performance poetry that combines the elements of performance, writing, competition and audience participation. The name slam comes from how the audience has the power to interact with the poet and from the high-energy performance style of the poets.

What are the Rules?

  1. Anyone, regardless of age, race, sex, education, class, disability, gender, or sexuality, can enter.
  2. Poems can be about any social justice issue including, climate change/environment, racism, immigration, or LGBTQ, women’s, animal rights, etc, as long as they are the creation of the performing poet.
  3. The form of the performance can be poetry, spoken word, rap/hip-hop. As this is a family event, language should be family appropriate.
  4. Poems are not to exceed a two-minute limit (with 10-second grace period).
  5. No props may be used when performing the poem.
  6. No musical accompaniment or musical instruments may be used when performing, but the poet can sing, clap, hum, or make noise with the mouth or other body parts.
  7. Poets may perform on their own or in groups with other poets up to three.

How Do I Enter?

Send your name or names and the title of your poem/performance to by Sept 10th. That’s it!


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