Behind every great campaign, is a Great volunteer!!

Do you think timber corporations are NOT entitled to “rights” afforded to us as individuals? And that corporate interests should not supersede our right to clean air, soil and water?

Are you interested in supporting and continuing a campaign to end the aerial spraying of herbicides in Lincoln County?

Then WE are the organization for you!

We love you and we need you. Please join us to safeguard the health of our community.

We are currently accepting donations as the Petitioning Committee – Citizens for a Healthy County.

Your time would also be greatly appreciated. Lincoln County Community Rights has now entered the petitioning phase of its work to put an ordinance on the ballot banning aerial spraying of pesticides in Lincoln Co.  Therefore, it now must act through its Petitioning Committee, Citizens for a Healthy County.

Email: call us at 541-961-5606

Background  and Details about about Citizens for a Healthy County

The Oregon Initiative process requires that a group, in this case Lincoln County Community Rights, seeking to gather signatures to put an ordinance on the ballot, register a Petitioning Committee with the State.  The Petitioning Committee must have a separate name – Citizens for a Healthy County. Also, separate accounting from the parent organization (Lincoln County Community Rights).  This petitioning committee has two Chief Petitioners (Barbara Davis and María Sause) who are in charge of filing the ordinance and of all pertinent communications with the County government.  The Chief Petitioners are also in charge of appearing in Court to defend the ordinance, should the need arise to do so.  There is a Treasurer (Alisha Kern) who is in charge of all book-keeping and accounting for monies received and expended by the petitioning committee in its work to get the ordinance approved, in the process of gathering the necessary signatures (approximately 1,800), of asking for donations, of spreading the necessary information throughout the county to convince voters of the need to vote for this ordinance in order to protect our environment, our ecosystems, and our health.  All accounting is registered by our Treasurer in ORESTAR, the online accounting system for petitioning committees supervised by the IRS.